Your business demands you to achieve a competitive edge be deploying applications optimally tailored to your needs. Infovision provides full life-cycle support and uses proven technologies that deliver the application that achieves optimal business value for you. With several competing alternatives available to you for application development, Infovision differentiates itself from competition in the following domains.

Cost Effectiveness

A combination of experience, pre-built libraries, low overhead and state-of-the-art technology solutions allow Infovision to deliver solutions at a fraction of the cost of rivals. As compared to the industry average, where only 27 cents of your IT development dollar goes to product development, Infovision invests 82 cents of every dollar in product development technology and engineering excellence. This gives you a factor of 3 advantage in cost-savings over other comparable options.

Time to Market

Infovision has developed an enviable reputation of keeping project schedules and costs on track. As opposed to competition, which charges on T&M basis for cost overruns, Infovision has a policy of no charges in excess of the base price quoted. In a spirit of partnership, Infovision absorbs the costs for additional diligence, insulating the customer from cost-overrun risks.

Minimize Risks and Quality Assurance

You need services and prices you can depend on. With Infovision, delivery means predictably superb applications, based on delivery applications that comply with the most rigorous standards. Infovision has assimilated extensive experience spanning multiple technologies and numerous industries. We draw upon a best practices repository that reduces errors, increases productivity and ensures consistent, predictable results.




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