Infovision offers 24/7 customer service for E-Commerce web sites and Retail operations from any where in the world. We offer Customer service support in three ways

1. Online chat
2. Email
3. Phone support.
The above services are managed through our facility in Hyderabad, India.

Infovision can provide 24/7 customer service for competitively low prices. We can have your local number or you local toll free number calls to land on our BPO service center in Hyderabad, India. The customer service agents will also be able to make calls to your country as if they are in your country using cutting edge technologies. Customer service agents are available 24 hours 7 days a week to serve your customers by phone, email or online chat. This enables you to cut down on huge costs in setting up a customer service division. Infovision is well equipped to take care of all your customer service needs.

Customer Support Service:
Customer support service will provide you dedicated staff to work for your company and your web sites. Their main goal is to provide you and your customers best value in terms of satisfaction and help. These service agents will attend your customer phone calls and attempt to solve their problems. The team would also send necessary information to the customers and report daily activity to you. The services offered would be in terms of attending to customers phone calls, making outbound calls, assisting customers via online chats and emails. We can have your existing phone number forwarded to our BPO facility. Alternatively, we also can provide a new USA/Canada/UK number or Toll Free number from these countries.

Our prices are very competitive. Customer service can be provided in all three way 1) Online chat 2) Email 3) Phone at the price of $2.00 per hour including long distance charges. For example if you need your customer service to operate in only business hours (8 Hours) 5 days a week, you will need to spend $320 per month. If you need to operate your customer service 24/7 we can offer a price of $1440 .This will include phone bill to call out any time to USA/Canada. Customer service agent will only perform customer service job.

How can we provide customer service at such low rates?
Since we operate BPO from India our cost is very less. So we pass the same benefit to our customers. Although your calls are answered from India, you and your customers will never feel the difference. Your customers get the same experience as if they are being serviced in USA.

What experience and qualification a customer service agent will have?
All our customer service agents have minimum of 2 years experience with a graduation degree.

Can agents speak good English and communicate well with customers?
Yes, they can talk to your customers and help them with good English and perfect accent.

Can I use customer agent for any other work other than answering customer calls?
Yes, you can use this customer agent for any other work as you wish but the services are limited. Since customer service agents are specialized in handling customers and helping them with the problems, it may not give good result if we use them for software coding or data entry jobs. For that you can refer to “Virtual employee” section and appoint a consultant to do the work for you.