Database Design & Implementation

  • Schema Design Review, Physical Tablespace Layout
  • Oracle Installation, Database Creation, Alteration, and Setup
  • Oracle Database File Management
  • Oracle Storage Segment Administration including Table, Index, LOB, Rollback, and Temporary Segments
  • Oracle Memory Segment Administration including Library Cache, Data Dictionary Cache, Buffer Cache, Redo Log Buffer, and Java Pool Oracle Network Connectivity Management
  • Database User Administration including User Creation, Quota Assignment, Object-Level Privilege Administration, Security Management, and Role Creation

Performance Tuning

  • Predominant I/O Sizes.
  • Recommendation for Associated Cache Size and Segment Size.
  • I/O Load Monitoring
  • DB Reads and Read Caching
  • Write Caching Analysis
  • Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) Configuration for Oracle/MySQL.
  • Solaris Tuning for DB (File systems, Swap, Shared Global Area- SGA, etc).
  • Administration and Monitoring of DB Objects and Oracle Users.
  • DB-aware Back-up Strategies.
  • BSTAT/ESTAT Script Reports

Security Administration

  • Layered Security Management
  • Security Risks Assessment
  • Security Checks Performed
  • Security Administration Services Rendered

Database Monitoring

  • Key Differentiators
  • Systems Monitoring Services
  • Monitoring Types and Service Thresholds
  • Network Monitoring Services
  • DBA Monitoring Services

Disaster recovery

  • Hot stand by implementation
  • Tape/Disk back-up solutions

High availability

  • Cluster server implementation
  • Veritas, EMC Disk management