The foundation of customer satisfaction starts with quality. We embrace this belief and put a strong emphasis on optimal quality in our services. Inherent in this commitment is the pledge to pursuing zero-defect deliverables.

Expertise in a wide range of technologies

Infovision has executed complete life cycle projects for various enterprises across different industry sectors. This expertise helps us provide best-in-class integration solution skills.

Focus versus Generic Strategy

Although we serve various enterprises, our investment and focus is dedicated on growing to attain leadership in each sector. This helps us to compete and win in those areas against much larger and more established vendors.

Rapid team mobilization

Time is money ...... but ''Internet Time'' is life and death. We understand this better than anybody else. Within days of launching a new project we can have a core team assembled and ready to go greatly reducing time-to-market. During the life of the project, our central talent pool provides additional skill sets necessary for the project.

Access to a large, highly qualified resource pool

Excellent HR competence in our Development center ensures that companies gain immediate access to Infovision's central talent pool of Developers, Programmers, Web Technologists and Project Managers. Our strong local presence enables us to efficiently manage emergency resources quickly to handle unexpected demand.

24-hour workday

Infovision has capabilities to achieve a virtual 24-hour workday due to our presence in various time zones. This ''round-the-clock'' programming model keeps the project moving ahead quickly thereby ensuring speedy delivery and faster time-to-market.

Success at Fixed Price

Infovision continues to maintain an industry leading fixed price delivery component. The percentage of our revenue derived from fixed price work has more than doubled in the past years to over 50 percent of our revenue.

A fixed price arrangement moves the burden and risk of on-time and on-budget service delivery to Infovision, leaving the customer with predictable costs and consistent service levels.

To arrive at a fixed price, Infovision takes careful steps to ensure that the scope of the engagement is very clear, including the beginning and the end of the project. We work very closely with the client to understand the project requirements and develop a Statement of Work (SOW) detailing the project plan, responsibilities, deliverables, approach, schedule, and cost estimates.