The style of work in today's high-tech world has undergone tremendous changes. This has created a need for virtual employee. The concept of virtual employee is playing a vital role in today’s business world. Virtual employee is your employee operating from offshore BPO center performing the work assigned by you and reports directly to you at a considerable low price. The virtual employee concept eliminates the cost of putting up infrastructure and overheads, yet as a client gives you full access to the people you hire. We, at Infovision, have successfully implemented the concept of virtual employee service.

Our Virtual Employee Service can provide a pool of very talented professionals working as:

1. Software Engineers
2. Network Engineers
3. Marketing Professionals
4. HR Executives
5. Accountants
6. Sales and Direct Marketing Executives.
7. Call Center Agents

A virtual consultant is the one who can meet your required skills. For example, if you need a consultant proficient in coding/ programming or someone to market your products/ services, we can provide workforce with those skills. You will also have an opportunity to screen and interview our professionals before hiring them for your services. These employees would be based out of our development facility in Hyderabad, India. As a client you will have full access to these consultants via phone, email or chat. We can also provide access to the computer of your hired personnel. This would enable you to monitor and guide the virtual employee online through a web browser. The employees’ location wouldn’t matter as far as the work gets done. By hiring a virtual Employee you can reduce your cost by as much as 90%. For more information about this service please contact us. It will be our pleasure to render our services to you. We at Infovision are very prompt and professional. A few questions that you might want to ask us:

How long will it take to provide resources for a requirement?
It is our endeavor to fulfill your requirement at the earliest. We can provide you the resources immediately for screening and interview. After selection the resource can be made available to you within 3 business days.

What are your areas of expertise within Virtual employee services?
Over the years we have gained expertise in Software projects, Marketing, Accounting, Book-keeping and Call center.

What do we need to provide you for hiring a virtual employee?
You just need to provide us your requirements in terms of job profile and the skill sets required for that profile.

What are the costs involved in hiring one virtual employee?
The costs would depend on skill sets you are looking for and also the length of the project. The cost would vary from USD 8 per hour to USD 25 per hour.

What is ease of monitoring/ communicating the virtual employee?
You will select the employee after screening and interviewing him/her. The employee will have a local USA phone number where you can call him/her and in return he/she can call you any where in USA/Canada at no extra cost to you. You will have access to the employees’ pc from anywhere in the world by just using your web browser.