Infovision VoIP Solutions

Very few solution providers have the VoIP experience Infovision has to implement:
  • End-to-end solution, from Mouth to Ear, by integrating various components with the appropriate design and engineering of each. This can become extremely involved, especially if you want to retain your investment, for instance enterprise PBX, and make it work with VoIP.
  • The scale for your VoIP network of hundreds of sites and millions of voice minutes. We have developed design guidelines to solve thorny issues of call admission control, ease of configuration and troubleshooting, redundancy and load balancing.
  • Advanced call features like hairpin and busyout that ensure high service availability and call completion ratio. These are resident in the network, transparent to the end user, so that the calling experience is seamless.
  • Voice-data converged network, where both voice and data meet their service requirements. Convergence can be critical to your business case: it saves on big capital expenses like extra access equipment and link costs. Thanks to our patented and tried QoS engineering, we can implement voice-data on access speed as low as 64 kbps.

Comprehensive VoIP services, from Inception to Life-cycle:

  • Feasibility study and business case justification.
  • Design, implementation, turn-up and test of VoIP.
  • 24x7 management of VoIP for fault, performance and capacity.

Infovision has excelled as an MSP. We have used our years of management experience to develop automated solutions to monitor your VoIP network for:

Comprehensive VoIP services, from Inception to Life-cycle:

  • Fault detection, event correlation, and isolation.
  • Proactive performance management - ensure H.323 signaling post dial delay and cut through delay are low (similar to PSTN); voice quality is toll (MOS is 4).
  • IP and PSTN trunk growth for optimum return on investment.

How does VoIP Apply to You

VoIP provides toll-quality voice and fax communications and services that you are used to today, with the prospect of enhanced services and advanced features that will add value to your business - all at significant savings. Savings is achieved through:

  • Flat-rate fee, irrespective of call volume for on-net calls; low per minute fee for off-net calls. Depending on the call volume, significant savings accrue, especially for international calls.
  • We do not need separate voice and data networks and operations. Voice rides data network; our patented QoS engineering ensures voice is good while data applications perform well.
  • Enhance worker productivity in your organization by utilizing IP for unified messaging, video conferencing, follow-me; enhance sales for call center by integrating VoIP with web-based e-commerce.

Recently VoIP has permeated several voice applications:

Reduce voice communication expenses

  • On-net site-to-site calling
  • Off-net, hop-off and hop-on, calling
  • Toll bypass
  • IP PBX

Increase service availability for critical financial voice applications

  • Private line auto ringdown
  • Hoot-n-holler

Increase productivity and sales

  • Web-based call center
  • Video conferencing
  • Unified messaging

Some other services - like SDN, Advanced 800, AIN that rely on SS7 - are still evolving within the realm of VoIP, as standards based IP/SS7 interworking is being implemented by vendors. Within the next year, these services will be IP-enabled as well. Major voice carriers are aggressively migrating voice from TDM network to IP.

Whether your business is large or small, with focus on manufacturing or finance, you can benefit from one or more of these applications. You have to pick a solutions provider with considerable experience in the advanced VoIP technology to make it happen for you successfully.